Welcome to our launch of BiaDAO

Bia — the Greek goddess of power, light force and might. Bia is the personification of raw energy.

We are beyond excited to see into 2022 — a magical number which in numerology evokes an era of positivity, good luck, and joy.

We have created BiaDAO to an asset backed treasury protocol. By asset backed — we mean that we have blended the innovation and investment potential of a crypto DAO with a range of real-world assets. In our case these are sustainable carbon neutral crypto mines.

BiaDAO is the DAO with a difference. We believe that the preservation of our natural environment as well and liberation of the ordinary person with financial freedom.

A bit of potted history

In Proof of Work blockchain networks, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the game is won by whoever has access to the cheapest power and largest, most advanced mining systems. Back in 2011, a spare laptop could earn Bitcoin rewards, but now, ‘professional’ miners have dedicated ASIC mining rigs stacked side-by-side to form mining farms larger than most rural towns. As a result, the amount of electricity consumed by the Bitcoin network in one year could power all the kettles used to boil water in the UK for 15 years. This is equivalent to roughly 1.5 times the annual energy consumption of Ireland.

The team at BiaDAO have worked to overcome many the implied trade-off between crypto investing and its benefits with the environmental cost.

The what and how of BiaDAO

BiaDAO will become a decentralized and community-owned large-scale Bitcoin miner, backed by the BiaDAO treasury. BiaDAO will use carbon-neutral energy to perform its mining operation. The BiaDAO protocol is based on the MINE token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The BiaDAO treasury is backed and supported by other decentralized assets to provide price stability, and will utilise staking and bonding principles to grow its treasury as per the BiaDAO model, with the mining operation acting as a secondary liquidity booster. BiaDAO holders will use on-chain voting to determine its future direction and growth.

BiaDAO, will become the only way the casual crypto enthusiast can now be involved in Bitcoin mining given the industrial scale of Bitcoin mining.

Alchemising energy to digital gold

Why is BiaDAO so interesting and unique?

We at BiaDAO are hard at work to bring you a way to bring the fusion of de-fi to the real world for the upliftment of all stakeholders.

To read more and to get involved see the following

Our Next blog — Why a DAO, What are advantages of treasury DAO’s and why BiaDAO is so different



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